The Colleen Moore Event

“I was the spark that lit up Flaming Youth, Colleen Moore was the torch. What little things we are to have caused all that trouble.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

What: Why Be Good? (1929) DCP restoration
Jay Warren of the SFSC will provide the organ accompaniment!
When: May 7, 2015   7:30 PM
Where: Pickwick Theatre, Park Ridge, IL
Who: Special Guests: Alice Hargrave & the Colleen Moore family!
And The Chicago Art Deco Society!

Silent star Colleen Moore opened the Pickwick Theatre in 1928 with a showing of Lilac Time, but now she’s back to close out our second season of the Pickwick Theatre Classic Film Series. Why Be Good? (1929) played last October at the Chicago International Film Festival, and now this wonderful Jazz Age comedy comes to the suburbs!

Alice Hargrave, Colleen’s granddaughter, will be our special guest along with other members of Moore’s family. Alice will introduce the film and be available for a Q&A after the feature presentation.

For decades, Why Be Good? had been considered a lost film until a recent restoration by the Vitaphone Project preserved it for future generations. Not only is Why Be Good? a great comedy revealing its star at her best, but it’s also a terrific showcase of Art Deco set design. Due to the connection to Screen Deco, we’ve also invited the Chicago Art Deco Society to join us this evening.

Don’t miss our last show of the season! This will be a fun event for the community and we’d love to have you there. (1920s “flapper” costume optional.)

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