Nearly 850 Attend White Christmas Show


Almost 850 (847) patrons came out on a frigid Tuesday to see White Christmas at the Pickwick Theatre. This was the second-largest turnout we’ve ever had. Through our first five shows of the season, we are averaging 792 people, which is nearly 300 more than our best season. It’s clear that the Pickwick Theatre is the place to be for Movie Night. We are extremely grateful to our regulars as well as to all the new faces who have attended this fall.

Jay Warren performed some wonderful Christmas songs on the Wurlitzer organ as everyone was coming in. (He also played us out when the end credits came up.) Before the feature presentation, we showed a few animated shorts that would have been instantly recognizable to those in the audience who grew up watching “Garfield Goose” on WGN-TV.

In addition to Jay, I’d like to thank Monica, Shannon, and Jacqui for passing out the flyers and greeting our fans in the lobby. Thank you to our projectionist Jerry, the theatre staff, and the Vlahakis family for making these presentations possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! We’ll be back on January 18, 2018 for the second half of Season 5!





Jay Warren


Movie Hostess Monica


Thank you to one of our regulars, Ashley, for making us Christmas ornaments containing the titles of all the films we’ve shown at the Pickwick Theatre!