Audience Feedback

We often get positive feedback from our audience, but we don’t always post those comments. However, the following is a really nice email sent to us on 1/23/18 that we wanted to share with you. Thank you, Mike!

Hi Matt,

My daughter and I attended the showing of ‘The Godfather’ last Thursday night and like many others we thoroughly enjoyed seeing this true American classic on the big screen. Quite spectacular. Your efforts and spirit to bring these movies to the Pickwick are truly commendable. You do a great job.

Actually, last year she and I also saw ‘Sunset Boulevard’ and ‘Singing in the Rain’ and were equally enthralled. In fact, we are going to see ‘Some Like It Hot’ on February 13th as she has never seen these movies and now really wants to see them – particularly on the big screen. She has actually begun collecting the small flyers of the movie and putting them up at her work…

No doubt you get all kinds of advice and suggestions on future movies but here are two Best Picture nominees from the mid-fifties to consider: The Caine Mutiny (1954) and Mr. Roberts (1955). Both films in their own way as you well know are about people confronted with a difficult situation and need to do the right thing. Timely then and timely today.

In any event Matt, the classic films at the Pickwick are a great success and much appreciated. I also noticed last Thursday night a significant number of teens in attendance and their presence suggests that there is still a strong interest at all ages in these wonderful films. Good to see and thanks again.

Mike Shields

Addendum: My positive comments on the Film Classic series and your work are very sincere. If there is a better venue in the country for viewing film classics I’d like to know. Your Film Classics organization and the iconic Pickwick Theatre together make an unbeatable combination. So by all means feel free to pull some blurbs out of my e-mails to reinforce this point. It is still a bit stunning to me that we have this great opportunity to see true film classics on the big screen in a venerable but modern movie palace. A sincere thank you to you and your spirit and vision for making this happen.