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Our 75th anniversary screening of Son of Frankenstein received national exposure when Turner Classic Movies listed the Pickwick Theatre on their October movie news spotlight! Click Here!

We were featured on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight “Artbeat” blog! Click Here!

Thank you to Bruce Ingram for his preview in the Oct. 30, 2014 issue of the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate. Click Here!
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Thank you to Nina Metz and the Chicago Tribune for the terrific article in the October 24, 2014 edition! Click Here!

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Thank you to Bruce Ingram of Pioneer Press for his wonderful write-up in the Sept. 18, 2014 issue of the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate.
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Thank you to one of our fans, Robert Harrison, for putting together this promo video for us:

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Thank you to Alex Hernandez for his in-depth interview with Matthew Hoffman in the June 26, 2014 issue of The Niles Bugle. Click Here!
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Thank you to the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate for their June 19, 2014 follow-up story on the Park Ridge Public Library Classic Film Series and our tribute to actress Irene Dunne! To read the full article, Click Here!
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Visit the Gone With the Wind display this June at the Park Ridge Public Library and see the movie this fall at the Pickwick Theatre!
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Thank you to the Chicago Art Deco Society Magazine for an article on the 2012 “Screen Deco” film series at the Park Ridge Public Library. The article appears in the Spring 2014 issue:

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Thank you to Jennifer Johnson of Pioneer Press for her article on the Irene Dunne show at the Park Ridge Public Library. The story appeared in the May 29, 2014 edition of the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate. Click Here!

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The Pickwick Theatre Classic Film Series will return September 2014, but you don’t have to wait till the fall to see a great film at the Pickwick. Don’t miss the Silent Film Society of Chicago’s summer series, which runs from July 17-August 21. We plan to announce our September opener at their last show on August 21. To see the complete SFSC schedule, be sure to visit: http://www.silentfilmchicago.com/events.htm

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Thank you to Chicago Tonight/WTTW for mentioning the Tyrone Power Centennial event! Click Here!

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Thank you to Turner Classic Movies! Our Tyrone Power Centennial event was listed as a “Top News Story” on the TCM website! Click Here!

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Thank you to Nina Metz and the Chicago Tribune for giving Tyrone Power the full-page treatment on 4/25/14! To read the full article, Click Here!
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The Tyrone Power Centennial Event on May 1 will also be the American debut of Romina Power’s memoir/biography, Searching For My Father, Tyrone Power. This book was previously available in Italian. This first edition will only be available at centennial events.

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The value of the book is set at $50. At centennial events, the price will be $40 (a 20% discount) for payment by check or $35 (a 30% discount) for cash. There will be a limit of 2 books per person.

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Thank you to the Nick Digilio Show on WGN Radio 720 AM for their interview with program host Matthew Hoffman on April 17, 2014.
Click Here!

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Important schedule change for the Park Ridge Public Library’s Rediscovered film series! Theodora Goes Wild (1936) has been pushed back to May 29. (1947’s The Unsuspected will instead be shown on May 15.) Special guest Ann-Marie Streibich will be joining us at the end of May to discuss the life and career of her grandmother, Irene Dunne.

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Meet guest author Christina Rice on April 24 at the Pickwick Theatre! She will be signing copies of her biography Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel before our 7:30 PM screening of Scarface (1932).

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Meet Steve Darnall, host of radio’s “Those Were the Days,” on March 13 at the Pickwick Theatre. Steve will be in the lobby before our 7:30 PM screening of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Be sure to pick up a copy of the spring issue of the Nostalgia Digest featuring an article on the films of 1939 by Matthew Hoffman!

You can listen to Steve’s interview with Matthew by downloading the Nostalgia Digest Podcast. Click Here!

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Thank you to Pioneer Press and Bruce Ingram for the terrific article in the January 16, 2014, edition detailing the upcoming Films of 1939 series!
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The Park Ridge Public Library Classic Film Series will open on March 6, 2014. The three-month program is called The Rediscovered. Musician David Drazin will be performing a live piano accompaniment to Lon Chaney’s West of Zanzibar (1928) on Opening Night!

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Thank you to the Chicago Tribune for mentioning the Pickwick Theatre Classic Film Series in their 2014 Winter Preview. We are the only revival theatre listed outside Chicago!

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Jay Warren of the Silent Film Society of Chicago will be performing a live organ accompaniment when we screen Laurel & Hardy’s “Big Business” on December 10, 2013! Also, the Chicago Bacon Grabbers will be in the lobby. They are the local tent of the “Sons of the Desert”– the Laurel & Hardy Appreciation Society. Thank you to Marcia Opal for her work with the Bacon Grabbers!

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Thank you to Columbia College Chicago for mentioning Matthew Hoffman and the Park Ridge Classic Film Series in their November alumni newsletter! Click Here!

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B-movie filmmaker David “The Rock” Nelson mentions Pickwick screening in hilarious plug on WGN Morning News! Click Here!

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We were featured on WGN-TV’s Morning News on October 8, 2013. Dean Richards interviewed Matthew Hoffman on the new classic film series at the Pickwick Theatre. WGN’s appearance at the theatre was part of their “Around Town” segment.

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We would like to offer our sincere thanks to WGN Radio for their in-depth interview with Matthew Hoffman via the Nick Digilio program. Thanks also to WBBM for mentioning the film program. And finally, we are grateful for the support from Pioneer Press as well as from the Chicago Tribune.

To read Bruce Ingram’s full article in the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate, Click Here!
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One of the more extensive interviews with Matthew Hoffman appeared in his hometown paper: The Niles Bugle. Click Here!

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In 2014 we will have several special guests both at the Pickwick Theatre and at the Park Ridge Public Library. Our most recent confirmation is Jessica Rains, daughter of legendary actor Claude Rains. We will be honored to have Jessica with us next spring for a film screening and a book-signing!

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New show added to the Park Ridge Public Library Classic Film Series!

On October 24 we will be screening the 1950s sci-fi classic Them! (1954) at 7 PM! All Library screenings are free. Seating is limited to 90. Doors to the first floor meeting room open at 6:30 PM.

Please register for this program to guarantee a seat. Call 847-825-3123 and ask for Reader Services.

And be sure to visit the “Cinema Terrors” monster exhibit on the 2nd floor (in the display case) during the month of October! All models are from the collection of Paul Pandocchi. Paul is an award-winning, professional model kit builder. He is a painter, sculptor, and horror/sci-fi enthusiast.

If you like what’s on display, visit Paul’s store: LOST IN TOYS at 3838 N. Harlem Ave. (773-875-7582).

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Them! will be our last classic film screening at the Library before we return in the spring!

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